Overhead Crane Single Girder

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Overhead Crane the centralization of single girder cranes, at the side of the minimum weight, makes this configuration best for area use.

Overhead Crane Double Girder 

Thanks to the mensuration technique utilized, the double beam style has Associate in Nursing optimized weight, reducing its masses on the structure, and rising stability once holding a more robust load.


When engineered properly inside the works layout, this kind of overhead lifting system is extraordinarily economical and extremely reliable. The railway solely provides 2 directions of hook travel:

• Up

• Down

And on the axis of the railway beam. Jib Crane Jib cranes area unit usually fitted in low headroom or normal headroom configurations, either with a sequence or victimization wire rope hoists. These cranes area unit wide in style for his or her high exactness in manual or controlled wheeled movement.

Gantry Crane

Unlike Bridge cranes, framing cranes have legs and advance runways that area unit typically on floor level.These cranes area unit extremely economical to work outdoos, achieving high speeds and capacities.(also mentioned as Portal Cranes and Goliath Cranes).


STAHL Crane Systems

STAHL Crane Systems

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