CEYKON which has been put into practice with different product groups many years ago, has started to manufacture cranes that we offer to our valued customers with the principle of highest quality and best price. Since the first day we started production, we have been continuously increasing our production by increasing our quality standards.

The production of our monorail, trolley, single and double girder overhead bridge, portal and jib cranes is carried out by our professional technical team and our expert engineering staff with the utmost care and high technology. Our production capacity shows an increasing trend every year.

Among our goals is to increase our capacity every year by 20% compared to the previous year. In addition to providing flawless service to our developing country industry and industrialists, our company has become competitive with its international competitors in the world’s leading markets outside the country’s borders. It provides services to marble and iron and steel industries extensively, and to countries that are assertive in sectors such as Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Belgium, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Oman, Lebanon, Greece, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Russia. we export extensively.