End Carriages


Our TG arrangement strolling bunches are planned as per DIN 10070, DIN 10074 and FEM guidelines. In our items, S235JR material is utilized as sheet material. Our standard profile material quality is S235JR, S335G3. In our plans, we perform static investigation and twist controls in our CosmosWorks program. In the plan of our strolling gatherings, we have sped up choice by planning the wheels to drive from the center (20-30-40 m/min). Our chief gearmotors; All pinion wheels work with oil shower in a shut cast iron box. There is no compelling reason to switch gear oil once more. All pinion wheels are fabricated as helical stuff. Cementation and standardization heat treatment is applied in all stuff gatherings. The cog wheels and wheels utilized are exposed to pounding measure and their proficiency is expanded and quiet activity is given. Engines conform to IEC standard, squirrel confine, 400Vac ostensible voltage, 3 stage, 50Hz, F protection, S1 regular workers and least IP55 security class, electromagnetic circle brakes. In our wheel plans, circular graphite cast material, which is impervious to scraped spot (GGG70), is utilized in the choice of materials by controlling the wheel pressures. To give simplicity of establishment of gearmotors, force arm association is liked. Profound furrow and circular roller heading, which can be presented to hub and spiral burdens, are liked on wheels. Our principle objective is to give quality items to our clients by utilizing the offices given by us in our plans, simplicity of administration, simplicity of administration, ergonomic appearance, decrease of workmanship and innovation.

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