The cranes are delivered between the limits 1 ton and 80 ton’s as standard, with various speed and average alternatives. The derrick bunches include fixed, monorail streetcar and twofold brace streetcar lifts. Their minimized plan gives the capacity to work at restricted spaces. As the outcome of the improved mechanical speculations, being created inside robotization conditions, our lifts have the capacity to serve for a long and consistent time, which has been guaranteed with numerous tests. The plan of these lifts with particular, standard, simple upkeep and administration capacities, have been finished after the genuine examination of the specialized staff about the crane idea that fulfills the world guidelines. All the streetcar gatherings of the wire rope lifts have been supplanted with end carriage adaptation and all the end carriages have been improved so they will be immediate drive type. Perhaps the main perspectives considered by the crane clients is the lift’s headroom and Guralp has figured out how to have probably the least headroom by using the uncommon control board planned explicitly, having an ergonomic view also. By improving the creation lines and getting superior grade and productivity thusly; Guralp is having an effect either with the 100% static tests applied on the model and making hazard examination which is for the most part a passed up a major opportunity subject.

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