LNG wire rope hoists

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The LNG lifts from STAHL CraneSystems are planned explicitly for upkeep work on condensed petroleum gas (LNG) tanks. Because of their excellent parts, hearty development, consumption safe completions and numerous different highlights, they are obviously appropriate for use in beach front areas with requesting climatic conditions. The siphons, which siphon the virus melted gaseous petrol (– 164 °C to – 161 °C) in a line framework, should be lifted out of the around 70 meter high tanks out from the dark for support work up to five times each year. Taking into account the limit conditions in the tank, extraordinary ropes, which are attached for all time to the condensed petroleum gas siphon and thusly spend their lives in the tank, are required for this. At the point when support work should be done, these ropes are affixed to the rope drum and derrick with speedy clasp.


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