Monorail Group


Cranes in this group have a capacity range from 500 Kg to 20,000 Kg. It can be used in almost every manufacturing sector, material loading, unloading and transportation processes. It can be produced from two movements up to a total of 12 movements. Two moving machines only serve as lowering-lifting functions and are often referred to as stationary cranes. Our other machines with 4 or more movements can move up and down, right-left, back and forth depending on the number of movements on a bridge made of L profile. Our machines are equipped with limit switches against possible problems and strains. The gearbox gears used in lifting are produced from 7131 material and the body is made of cast iron by our company. Cementation process is carried out to increase the strength of gears. Since the beginning of 2006, we have been supplying executive reducers from the leading companies of Turkey and the world.

Control voltage is set to AC 24 Volts. Thermal magnetic switches are used to protect motors from voltage changes. The board is resistant to water and heat. Ground connection and Emergency stop are available. Lifting brakes work with DC 24 Volts.



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