PBM 80 HYD NC Controller Profile Bending Machine

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It is a mid-range result of the Mac Bending Pbm arrangement.

Delicate and quick twisting with 2-stage speed change is our high level model that offers.

With the NC mode highlight, clients can twist without mistake.

Disposing of extending with the upper shaft support mechanical assembly it makes touchy curves.

Use with movable and compact control board gives solace.

7 “inch contact screen

PLC controlled programmed twisting playback (the part bowed by the administrator is recorded by the keen innovation plc, the ensuing twists are bowed by the machine)

Keypad that can be acclimated to even or vertical working situation with a solitary catch

The capacity to transform the revolution of the shafts into consistent pivot with a solitary catch during twisting

Capacity to give notice on the 7 “screen when support is expected

Alert page showing admonitions on the machine

Twofold speed

Extending gadget that forestalls extending of the upper shaft

Pressure driven side backings that work with twisting

Encoder that records the secret pivot development against impacts

Far off admittance to PLC and screen by means of web on account of keen innovation

Estimation sheet that computes the spring and profundity needed for twisting control during bowing

It has multi-reason bowing molds.

It has a portable wheel control board separate from the machine.

Serpatin has the component of bowing.


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