Testing and measuring technology Hot water tester

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Testing and estimating innovation

High temp water analyzer

High temp water analyzer HWP 2.2 is a mobil unit and can utilize all over the place. Checking snugness of the water circuit inmanufacture or fix of welding lights or hose loads with water warmed at 60°C, testing at approx. 4 bar pressure, ensures supreme blunder discovery even of hair breaks in metal parts, spilling water hoses, screw and other sort associations.




Heizung 2200 W (230 V /50/60 Hz)
Wassertank 3,5 l
Wassertemperatur max. 70°C einstellbar
Prüfdruck ca. 4 bar
Abmessung (LxBxH) 400x220x330 mm
Gewicht 10kg
Prüfzeit ca. 3 Min. pro Schlauchpaket
Option Rotameter A3 (Durchflussmengemesser)

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